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"My hair is naturally very curly / frizzy and difficult to manage, especially in humid weather and summer months. Prior to having extensions, it seemed that I was always frying my hair with a dryer and curling iron to make it look good, only to have it become frizzy again in just a few hours. Because I am athletic, and in and out of water, caring for my hair was a constant struggle. I first tried extensions when my regular hairdresser mentioned that wearing my hair longer would help weigh down the curl. I went to two other salons and tried wefts and glue, both of which were nice initially, but quickly matted and / or thinned. The result was a lot of breakage to my natural hair. I knew I could not risk more breakage, but loved the freedom of not having to slave over my hair, so I began to research other types of extensions.


I found Rhonda on the Internet after having heard her mentioned by other hairdressers. Right away I knew she was different. She has a huge selection of hair and the quality is readily apparent. I had received marginal quality hair (at a very expensive salon!) before and although it is nice for about a week, once the coating wears off, you are left with a tangled mess. Especially, if you use curly hair like I do. We chose a few different colors to match my streaks and also used curly hair so that I would not have to worry about blending it with my own with a dryer. The result was a great head of long, soft curls that looks just like my already thick hair, but is longer and does not frizz! The curls stay nice and I have to do very little to make it look good. If I want to blow it straight, I can and it looks great too! Not only have the extentions NOT damaged my hair, the damage caused by the other methods and years of ruthless blow drying and curling has grown out and my hair is strong and long underneath. I choose to continue with the extentions because my life is so much easier since I am no longer fighting my hair.


In the three years that I have been seeing Rhonda, I have seen many clients of hers in person and everybody looks amazing! Getting extensions is not fast, nor is it cheap, however. You will get out of it what you put into it. I highly recommend extensions for anybody who desires longer hair, but trust me, if you have problem hair, Rhonda can help and extensions will change your life!" -- Janey, Phoenix, AZ


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